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At a recent meeting between David and Salvador a 10 Point Plan was presented, covering items we feel are most necessary for the improvement of our golf course.

At the October board meeting a delegation from campo including the course consultant Pablo the head greenkeeper Victor and senior V.Martin greenkeeper Juan attended and gave us the following replies, where possible so far, to the 10 points.

  1. Irrigation system. Any information from Quara regarding any budget for the project?

    Reply. None at present but under consideration by their board.
  2. Tees
    Reply. All tees where the weed has taken over will be scarified, treated chemically and reseeded. Campo request patience during this period and to expect some inconvenience.
    The tee markers MUST NOT be moved by members/course committee until further notice.
  3. Bunkers.
    Reply. A full programme of the reconstruction of most bunkers, particularly green side bunkers will be carried out. We were asked to provide a list of those in order of urgency.
  4. Marshals
    Reply. Some professional appointments may be made in future if funds allow.
  5. Poor quality of water in lakes holes 15 and 16
    Reply. All lakes will be fitted with floating pumps/filters where necessary or the current pumps where fitted will be repaired and put into action.
  6. Rats on the same lakes
    Reply. The rats are currently being treated with poison. (please use caution in those areas.)
  7. Geese (too many)
    Reply. New owners will be found where possible.( They have all now moved on?)
  8. Weed removal on edges of tees etc.
    Reply. These will be removed where time allows but patience is requested due to pressure of work on previously mentioned programmes.
  9. Unreadable and missing signs particularly holes 2/3/9.
    Reply. An examination of these is promised and replacement/repair will be carried out.
  10. Open gates throughout course
    Reply. An inspection will be carried out and action will be taken.(Gates on hole 15/17 now closed)

 I believe we are already seeing big improvements throughout the course since those meetings and will see many more as time allows.

I would ask all members to pay particular attention to 1/ the repair of pitch marks on our greens."Pitch mark repairers" for sale in shop 2/ Rake ALL bunkers when exiting. 3/ Pay attention to users of buggies where they they may be driving too close to greens, bunkers and any other sensitive areas of our course even IF they are displaying health certificates.

Enjoy your golf. David Barrett on behalf of the course and local rules committee 23 November 2015.


We got started as a committee mid January and started to work with 2 “course inspections" The first on the 27th with the 3 of us and the second on the 29th this one included Emilio Rodrigues, who we thank very much for his very useful contribution.

Hole 1

Red/ladies tee needed a full overhaul including the uncovering of the water supply and removal of trees and shrubs at front of tee, the pruning of trees at rear of tee, to allow light onto tee. Followed by the complete reseeding of area. Those who use that tee will soon be back on there.  We recommended  new signs to point players to tee 2 as old ones not readable also from green 2 to tee 3. 

Hole 2

Requires more blue marker posts to be positioned and painted lines to properly identify the GUR area.

Hole 3.

We recommend that the new steps (which incidentally formed a major part of «the asphalt project" cost.) to be cleaned and the surrounding areas re landscaped to allow water to escape the area, keeping steps cleaner in future. To remove old railway sleeper steps and replace with matching new steps or re landscaping. Those old steps are extremely dangerous and require urgent attention. To leave fairway grass longer to avoid balls rolling back down the hill. (This also applies to hole 8.)

Hole 4

The area between new path and fairway to become "waste area" this is a shale area of very fine gravel rather like running tracks were before Tarmac tracks came along. You can find these at "new courses" this and other similar rocky areas will never sustain grass throughout the year. We hope all such areas will eventually be treated in this way.

Hole 7

To fit viewing platform at top of hill/tee and bell to avoid balls being hit directly onto green.

Hole 10

More red stakes required and painted lines to define hazards particularly at rear of green. 


Again another area that would benefit from a waste area (as hole 4) and the redefining of "out of bounds" area with more posts and lines at side of practice area. A new lateral hazard to be created at rear of green.  

Hole 14

The redefining of hazards at baranca areas is necessary and extension of lateral hazard at rear of green to allow for "rubbish area".

Hole 15

To change white out of bounds painted posts to red to extend the lateral hazard to one large hazard. All ponds on 15th and 16th to be on SIDES of ponds changed to red lateral hazards front and rear to remain yellow water hazards. At rear of green pond, to create a new drop zone (under penalty).  

Hole 16

A new drop zone to be created behind all GUR area to avoid balls in gur to be dropped on right of buggy path to the side thus gaining advantage.  Creation of new red lateral hazard at rear of green to speed up play.  

Hole 17

Again cleaning of steps and landscaping to allow water to escape. To provide new signs reference to baranca dropping zone rules.  

Hole 18

To create new red lateral hazard all way from corner of driving range to right of green, the area above on side of 10th is already a red hazard.


We also recommend repair and better maintenance of all practice greens and fitting of mats on driving range. 

We hope you enjoy the newly "Pencil tined" greens where recovery time is much quicker,  campo along with some other courses including Los Colinas, will not "hollow tine" greens until autumn later this year. Pencil or needle tinning was recommended by the STRI report carried out in 2012, to be carried out every month, when possible we are hoping this will happen to improve the compaction currently on most of the greens.

Please continue to respect our course and rake bunkers whenever you exit all bunkers also repair pitch marks on greens if you do not, do these things, neither will visitors. Please remember these are basic, to golf etiquette.

Happy golfing and have a good summer.

Regards from David Barrett on behalf of the greens committee. Peter Waters and Agne Olsson.

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