The new booking System

Video - how to login on the new booking system. 

Link to the booking system

The start of the new booking system

The online booking system is now open for Aril bookings. Many members have already signed in and started to make bookings. Please do in the online system only bookings for April.

Introduction video can be found in Youtube. 

There is at the moment a video only about how to sign in. We have several times mentioned to Campo about the lack of the other videos needed (bookings and group bookings). We hope those will be there soon. 

If you have left your wishes for reservations to the caddy master for April, those will not be made by them. Please do them self in the online reservation system.

Some useful tips for bookings:

  • Adjust your booking schedule to your playing. If you are a full member and want to play three times / week, you can book times four weeks ahead in the future (12 rounds for the future). If you are a family member or a full member with a spouse and want to play three rounds / week, you can book two weeks ahead in the future (6 rounds in the future).
  • Always after you have played a round, you can book the next round (if you keep your limit full)
  • If you play in a group that uses online bookings, agree with the group the schedule for the group’s bookings. When a group has both full members and family members, the schedule should be shorter because of the smaller amount of booking possibilities for family members.
  • If you want to play with a pre booked group but did not get a place in the group, you can book online in front of or back of the group. That way it is easy to enlarge the group.
  • If you have a place in the pre booked group, please make sure that you have a free slot in your own weekly bookings. The caddy master is not able to book you in the group if your limit of bookings is full.
  • You always get a confirmation email for successful bookings. You can also check your own bookings online in the booking system.

DO NOT use the cancel button in the online booking system unless you are sure that you want to cancel the whole booking (a group booking might include many players and the use of the cancel button may cancel all the players). Safest way of doing a cancellation is to email or c


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