Reopening of the golf course May 11

Dear Villamartin members,

Next May 11, Phase 1 of the de-escalation process is scheduled. Within this process are the Outdoor Sports Facilities.

We are currently waiting for the publication in the BOE (Official Bulletin of the Government) of:

1) The opening conditions and protocols provided by the Health Authority for Outdoor Sports Facilities.

2) The provinces, areas or regions that are authorized to go to Phase 1.

As of today, Friday, May 8th , we still do not have this confirmation.

If the province of Alicante enters Phase 1 from May 11 and we obtain the official permission of the Central Government, we will proceed with the opening of the Villamartin Golf Course from Tuesday, May 12.

It is essential in this first phase that the protocol's security measures are scrupulously followed, which will be applied at all times and in all areas of the golf course.

Here you can find the national protocol prepared by the RFEG and by different associations, but we ask you to take note of the important aspects that affect the reopening of Villamartin Golf.

Before going out to play:

- The distance between people must be maintained at all times, maintaining at least 1.5 meters of distance between people.

- Reservations: Reservations must be requested via email, online or by phone. Reservations will not be attended in the caddy master, and the fastest way to reserve will be online. Reservation requests will be met for a maximum of 8 players per request. Reservations requests will not be attended nor will access to the golf course be granted to members who do not have their 2020 fees in order of payment.

We are currently working to implement an online reservation system so that villamartin members can make their reservations directly through this application that will work both from personal computers, and from mobile phones and other devices such as tablets, etc.

- Club room and lockers: It is recommended to avoid the use of the lockers room and that the players bring their clubs and trolleys from their home. In case the use of the locker room is essential, the safety measures regarding space between people must be respected. The use of gloves and mask is also recommended

- The payment of Green fees is recommended to be by credit card and to avoid the use of coins and cash as much as possible

- The use of buggies is allowed individually or as a family, that is, people who live in the same home. It will be allowed to include 2 golf bags in the buggie, but a single occupant if the aforementioned condition is not met.

- Buggies and manual rental trolleys will be disinfected by Club staff before and after each use.

- The tee times may be 4 people who must keep the social distance during the course of the game.

- Players must come dressed for the game as the changing rooms will remain closed.

- The Villamartin toilets will remain closed, and only the course toilets will be open next to Tee 4 and Tee 14. Disinfectant will be available in said toilets, which must be used before and after the use of the course toilets.

- You must go to the tee no more than 5 minutes before your tee time.

- Social or group meetings will not be allowed in the vicinity of the clubhouse, buggy area or tee.

- Competitions are temporarily prohibited and no handicap adjustments will be made.

- The use of gloves and mask is recommended inside the caddy master and store. It is also recommended that all players carry their own disinfectant

During the game:

- The distance between people must be maintained at all times.

- The use or touching of elements such as sinks, benches and other elements of the golf course is not allowed.

- The bunkers will be repaired in the best possible way by the player (with the golf club or with the shoes) without the use of rakes and a ball can be pick and placed inside the bunker if it does not remain on a flat surface.

- The hole flags must always remain in the holes, they cannot be removed or touched.

- The holes will have a stop that prevents the ball from descending completely at the end of the hole. The player will pick up the ball without touching the flag stick.

- Ready Golf, play fast, you are not allowed to give way to another game.

After playing:

- Avoid long goodbyes and avoid physical contact.

- Cleaning of golf clubs and shoes is not allowed.

It is very important that these measures are followed. The golf course staff will monitor compliance with the measures and will call those who do not respect these rules to order.

It is very important that you understand that being able to play golf is one of the few sporting privileges that the Spanish government has allowed, and therefore we have an obligation to set an impeccable example of respect for the rules and safety that is required of us.

We are facing a new situation and we ask for your collaboration in order to carry out our activity properly. We hope that this situation can improve and that the standards to which we now have to submit gradually relax, so we will inform you as there are changes in the current regulations.

We wish you all the health in the world so that you can enjoy our beloved sport again in our facilities and we hope to see you all very soon.



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