According to the contract with Campo de golf, the club is responsible for informing Campo about any change in the members’ status (active/transient) for next year.

 With other words, all members MUST inform the club (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) no later than end of November the year before about any change. There is no need to send info if the status will remain the same as the present year, but necessary if there are any change.

 To underline the importance of informing about the status, this is how the Caddy master/Campo apply to the rules:

  •  If a member fail to change from Transient to Active, he/she will be treated as Transient for the full year. Basically a Transient member do not have access to the golf course, but Caddy master allow access after paying full green fee minus 20%. If you fail to change from Active to Transient, you will be treated as Active and will have to pay the full annual fee.


  • Family members not paying the annual fee, must pay green fee the whole calendar year. There is not accepted to “play for free rest of the year” when the total green fee paid exceeds the annual fee. The Caddy master do not accept a family member to change from green fee payment to pay the annual fee later in the year.


  •  If a member is selling his/hers share during the year and have failed to pay full annual fee or Transient fee, but still have played the course several times during the first quarter (last due date for payment is 31/3), the new owner of the share must pay. The Caddy master record all rounds played by all members and the cost of the rounds played will be added as dept to the share. If the new member wish to become full member from the takeover of the share, the full annual fee paid by him/her will cover the dept.
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